Information & Analysis

Our team provides nuanced, accurate, and objective all-source analysis across a wide-range of security and foreign policy issues to inform client decision-making. We support, provide, and offer strategic, operational, and tactical-level recommendations for commercial, non-governmental, and government clients with business and policy-related interests across complex environments in Africa and the Middle East.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Valar possesses decades of experience supporting field-based projects across Africa and in conflict zones. We specialize in the development and innovation of monitoring and evaluation systems uniquely tailored to client needs across in array of industries and locations. Our extensive network throughout Africa enables our team to deliver on oversight and diligence requirements for complex public and private projects.

Stabilization & Peacebuilding

Valar’s training, mentoring and advisory services uses adaptable approaches that are tethered to the reality of the operating environments. Valar can substantially expand force capabilities, prevent unconventional attacks, and improve relationships with host-nation militaries, militias, and local communities through engagement, programming, and training packages.

Valar Frontier Solutions

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