Security Sector Reform

Valar is a vital part of ongoing Department of State and US government security efforts centered on developing more effective, accountable and representative militaries in fragile states. These militaries are then often capable of safeguarding their own country and assuming important security responsibilities. Valar leads consortiums that includes local partners, strategic, and technical advisors to provide thorough, timely, and insightful security analysis in targeted, difficult-to-access regions of countries in conflict.


Valar helps to foster stability in communities undergoing political transition or recovering from conflict by providing seasoned trainers and employing proven methodologies. Valar is applying best practices in institutional and tactical training to help fragile communities stabilize, allowing them the opportunity to establish the conditions for transition to development and a brighter future.


In East Africa, Valar monitors and engages with local police and security forces to track and support crime prevention and community safety. Our monitoring includes a focus on organized crime, corruption, and regional illicit networks. The Valar team has strong relationships with local community leaders across key communities that are working on expanding development programs that support community relationships and resiliency, job creation, and counter-radicalization with at-risk youth, to include refugees.

Data Analysis

Valar utilizes two software platforms—Fulcrum and CARTO—that expedite the processing of raw data and refine large data sets through visual presentation. Fulcrum is a mobile data collection platform that Valar’s field-based analysts use to collect and analyze raw data. The information culled via Fulcrum is entered into CARTO, allowing Valar analysts to conduct predictive analysis, track patterns and trends in near real-time, streamline field operations, and manage risk through route studies or heat mapping.

Development in Fragile States

Valar provides policy-directing research and analysis on local, regional, and national security, political, and sector-specific issues. Valar is operationalizing the implementation of policy through embedded analysts and development personnel that support ground-level operations.


In conflict zones across Africa and the Middle East, Valar supports defection, reintegration, and reconciliation efforts. Valar supports the implementation of long-term reconciliation and reintegration programs and specifically helps local governments to develop human capital capabilities. Valar’s focus on embedding autonomy within and between state and civil society institutions is directed at creating and sustaining change in transitional countries’ institutional frameworks.

Strengthening Politics, Processes and Accountability

Valar works with local government officials to explore economic development and poverty reduction initiatives. Valar is also working with several governments to implement poverty reduction and social inclusion analysis, particularly related to peace building, conflict prevention, and security sector reform. This support is often vital during transitionary periods.

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